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We use design and innovation methods to approach complex sustainability challenges and come up with radically new ways that work with nature rather than against it.

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Get the ball rolling

Not sure what the circular economy has to offer and how your organisation can tap into it? We run workshops and training programs to get everyone up to speed  and help your team align behind a common ambition to regenerate.

Explore new opportunities

We help uncover industry shifts and human trends to envision a future where regenerative business is common sense. Discover those at the forefront of the  transition and let us help you identify how to seize the opportunity.

Radical innovation

Ready to move fast forward? We master the Google Design Sprint method to perfection and assist with user insight studies, prototyping and identification of business critical hypotheses that we test with target users to guide next steps.

We had Lab21st taking us through a 5 day Google design sprint - they pushed the team and ambition, while making everyone feel seen and heard.
Within the first 15 minutes of the workshop we felt heard, challenged and collectively raised our ambition for setting future targets. Getting inspiration and perspectives from external experts was crucial for the outcome of the day.
Lab21st challenged us and guided us through important discussions. It was very professional.

Ready for action?